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Pirates of Penzance: Streaming

Pirates of Penzance: Streaming

Showing:   October 17, 2021

Ventura County Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company

The Pirates of Penzance

This is for the Streaming Performances ONLY. In-Person or Streaming Package tickets sold separately.

Streaming performances are Sunday, October 10 at 2pm and Sunday, October 17 at 2pm. Please choose one. If you would like to purchase both streaming performances, CLICK HERE.

Directed by Rebecca Pillsbury
Musical Direction by Zachary Spencer

Streaming Tickets: $20 per Household

It is a beautiful day in 1880. Frederic is celebrating his 21st birthday, marking the completion of his apprenticeship to the Pirate King, and he's in love for the first time. But wait... all isn't going quite as well as planned. Something about a leap year, lies to his new love's father, and a bit of a battle between the pirates and the police.
Will the pirates and police make peace? Will Frederic and Mabel be together... before 1940? Come enjoy the swashbuckling pirates, the bumbling bobbies, the beautiful young maidens, and, of course, the Modern Major General, in The Pirates of Penzance!